Protecting Oratia’s Heritage


The Oratia Heritage Society consists of a core committee of nine (chair, secretary and treasurer, with portfolio holders in each of the following areas: heritage, campaigns, technical/legal, fundraising, wellbeing and communication). This initial set-up was designed to meet the needs of the Save Oratia campaign and may be modified to suit future projects. 

We invite interested parties to become Members of the Oratia Heritage Society. There is a $10 membership fee, payable on application.

Anyone who wants to support the Society without becoming a formal member is invited to become a Friend of the Oratia Heritage Society. There is no membership fee for this.

We currently meet on the last Monday of each month at the Oratia Bowling Club. Dates for upcoming meetings are:

Monday 25 September 7pm, followed by a shared supper

Monday 30 October, 7pm, followed by a shared supper

Monday 27 November, 7pm, followed by a shared supper

All welcome. You do not need to be a Member or a Friend of the Society to attend. 

The stated purposes of the Society are:

a. To advocate for the protection and enhancement of the environment of Parker Road and its surrounding area known as Oratia. Including, without limitation, to ensuring that the social, economic, historical and cultural wellbeing of Parker Road residents and its surrounding community are provided for and that the natural and physical resources of Parker Road and Oratia are sustained.

b. To consult with and represent the residents of Parker Road and Oratia in relation to significant environmental issues affecting the area. Including, without limitation, by providing a forum through which residents, affected persons and interested persons can be engaged in regulatory, legal and other processes associated with any proposed use and development of Parker Road and Oratia.

c. Do anything necessary or helpful to the above purposes.

Please share any comments or suggestions regarding our structure or purpose on our Have Your Say page